I just asked my Basic one group what they usually do on their weekdays.

Here are their answers:

1-On Monday I study and watch TV, On Tuesday I study english,On Wednesday I stay home, On Thurday I study English and do the laundry,On Friday I play games, On Weekend I go to the beach and I go shopping.





1 – Are you a secretary?

2 – What do you do?

3 – Were you at school?

4 – Where were you?

5 – Did you call Carla?

6 – Who did you see at the party?

7 – Does she live in Canada?

8 – Where do they work?

9 – Is Amanda cooking?

10 – What is Jack doing?

11 – Did you go to the beach?

12 – How often do you go to the dentist?

13 – Do you like to dance?

14 – How do you go to work?

15 – Do you like chocolate?

1 was/forced/gets up/ cleans/ makes / polishes / washes / irons / takes out / did / went / met / left / lost / found / lived.

2 – Where did you go / Who did you go with? / Did you like the movie? / What did you buy? / When did you come back?

3 – can´t – can´t – can – can – can´t – can

4 – You should see many interesting places. / You should take some medicine / You should go to Renner / You shouldn´t eat fatty food. / You should buy a new one. / You should eat something.


6 – Yes, I can – No, I can´t. / I went to the gym / I was born in Rio on 23rd September 1977. / I woke up at 7:00am / Yes, I can – No, I can´t / Yes, I can – No, I can´t.

Exercise 7 – ORAL REVIEW.


A – Answer the questions, give complete answers:

1 – Can you use the computer?

2 – Can you speak Spanish?

3 – Can your mother sing?

4 – Can your friends play soccer?

5 – Can your father drive?

6 – Can your mother cook?

 7 – Can you tell jokes?

8 – Can you play chess?

9 – Can you swim?

10 – Can you play the guitar?

11 – Can your mother use the computer?

 12 – Can you play volleyball?

13 – Can your friends draw?

 14 – Can you dance?

 15 – Can you take photos?

 16 – Can you write stories?

xxoo, dezinhs : )


Hi guys here are the sites I promised you:



Enjoy them! Kisses!

Flex 3 – Simple Present exercises

Hi guys! Here are some exercises for you to have fun!!

Exercise 1


Ask  these questions to your friends:

 a) How often do you work?

b) How often do you play baseball?

c) How often do you have breakfast?

d) How often do you go to the movies?

e) How often do you eat spaghetti?

f) How often do you go to the gym?

g) How often do you go to the beach?

h) How often do you watch tv?

i) How often do you eat pizza?

 Write questions:

Fernanda goes to the movies once a week.

I always study on Monday.

They never eat French fries.

She usually wakes up early.

I sometimes go to the gym.

He never goes to the beach

She always works out at the gym.

See you !

ADV 1 – A life-changing experience

Think about a life-changing experience and answer the following questions:

1 – What was the experience? When did it happen? Where?

2 – How did the experience change your perspective? How did you  feel at the time?

SI2 – Circle of friends

Hi guys!

Write an article about one of your friends.

Don´t forget to mention how you met, what your friend is like, what you have in common and what you like to do together!

Kisses folks!!!